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Why Gears

Posted by nan on 1/10/2010 to Cogbots
Cogbots is proud to join a long tradition of wooden gear makers. For many centuries, wooden gears were the heart and soul of the jobs that kept communities working and fed. In the 1800s, on both sides of the Atlantic, the turning of wooden gears created power, ground grains,ran the machinery in newly born factories and kept time. Wooden gears from this era are still present and fuctional in mills from Nova Scotiato South Carolina and west to Illinois 

Because of the lasting nature of gears, gear makers were also usually makers of other things- wheels,cabinets,etc.. They were also inventers, experimenters and those at the end of the era of wooden gears went on to invent and build other things, like Ferguson-Brown Tractors and the Citroen. The Steampunk Community has embraced the wooden gear as a symbol of the era, and we are pleased to bring you gears which are not just decorative, but functional as well.

 Nurture the spirit of the original gear makers with a Gear Brick,or pick and choose your gears individually and create your own kit ( coming soon). Our Gears are made from either .5 inch or .25 inch high quality cabinet grade plywood and can be finished/distressed in any way you choose. Add small hand cranks for interactive wall art or free standing kinetic art.
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